As the ashes and dust fall, Astro Vixenz Carbon capsule presents itself.
Awakened by fumes and carbon, the Vixenz have returned to earth.
The rebirth and awakening is here, led by the astral Vixenz. 

The Carbon capsule was created with modern and innovative design in mind.
 From sleek metallic fabrics, to breathable ready-to-wear garments. 
Made to move and play in. 

This capsule not only represents the future of fashion, but of the industry at whole.
We were inspired by the Element Carbon.
The 4th most abundant element in the world, a quintessential part of life. 
We live, breathe, and are fueled by Carbon.
 Carbon is an essential part of our ecosystem.
However, as above, so below. There must be a balance.

Therefore, we are committed to staying 100% Carbon-Neutral, as each parcel supports various vetted projects designed to future-proof the planet.

Creative Director: @CELIOSWORLD_